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A little over 2 years ago I would not have imagined being here...and yet here we are at the start Beginning of a lovely story ! Our collection is the result of long labor, recognized but unrecognized: The design So many amazing people , creative yes, but not only. These people are incredibly talented and it was such a pleasure to work by their side day after day. Therefore I wanted to express to them my deepst admiration, respect and heartfelt thanks. Alexandre, Pauline, Alexandra, Thomas, but also Aurelie, Julia, Zosia, Natasha...Thank you .

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Feminity, childhood and shades take up my work as a Parisian photographer, I was formed in Gobelins École de l'image in Paris. I soak every one of my photos with a luminous almost nostalgic aura of nonchalant pastels or disillusioned individuals. Delighted to collaborate with Banana Spirit I became attached to faithfully transpose the visual universe and strong identity of the brand through different ambiances but mainly esthetically and visually bright, fun and welcoming. Mother of a little Pablo, I am a big fan of the Yoyo, ideal for striding along the Parisian sidewalks and going on holiday . Super active mother , on weekends I like to walk around the capital with my son discovering new spots, going to expositions or having lunch on a terrasse . If only the bubble existed when my son was younger , I would've chosen the "JUNGLE" without hesitating, so much nicer than the cloths hanging from the stroller at nap time.
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Textile design in Paris... Visual Arts in Montréal... I have been a freelance graphic designer for 8 years. I met Corinne in the fashion industry in Nantes in 2010. Our passions intersected and our similar characters joined in a new artistic and creative project since 2017. It is very stimulating to work toghether. When Corinne asked me to create a print with a jungle theme, I was in the process of creating for a well known herbarium for an exposition. After gathering some material in the different varieties, monstrera, philodendron, banana tree, cycas, aralia... the drawing of each leaf became obvious. They are naturally very graphic! We opted for an all-over oversize. The first collection of Banana Spirit had to also have a geometrical print! I drew the blue Tiffany by hand. The pattern is repeated but the lines are delicate and random, which makes it so distinctive. I love bubble so much , that I am seriously thinking about purchasing the Yoyo stroller for my second child.

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Artistic director and illustrator... Strong character and intense curiosity are the genes of my personality. With a 20 year experience of communications in Paris , I am back in my city to revive "Le club creative" , I met Corinne to develop her universe of colors with the web and illustrations. She knows what she wants and I accompany her to make of her wishes a reality .
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