Photo-famille Who has never fought, to set it up correctly with a stroller, or struggled with the straps, or had to swivel parasols at every street corner (that is when we haven’t actually forgotten them), and all this in order to protect our baby from the sun, light, wind and dust? I’ve looked for a solution that would protect my daughter, that looks good and is practical. But so far, I haven’t found anything. And that’s how the Bubble was born - comfortable, smart, practical and innovative, and totally unique. This protection provides much-needed security and comfort while baby naps or is awake. The Bubble attaches to a stroller so it’s impossible to forget and easily pops along with you to a restaurant, to the beach, anywhere in the city, till the ends of the earth, or even visiting the grandparents for the weekend. We have two unique styles for our rst summer collection: sporty and street-chic. The Bubble will be a stylish addition to your YOYO© 6+ Babyzen stroller. It’s de nitively the new MUST HAVE for our kids and their parents.sig-coco